About Us

The Organizta Story: In The Beginning - Let There Be Makeup!

The year was 2015, and our founder Nancy was struggling with the First World problem of having way too much makeup. Her frequently used lipstick kept getting lost because she kept it "somewhere".

Tired of digging through old make-up bags trying to find the cosmetic she was looking for, she decided to buy a makeup organizer. Either the makeup organizers (i) were made of poor quality plastic, would get chipped with time, had tiny drawers wouldn’t stack her palettes and have small cubbyholes that won’t fit lipsticks or (ii) were ridiculously expensive – she just couldn’t justify $400 for a makeup organizer.

The Chic Box was therefore created as a labour of love. Our customers tell us that it is arguably the best makeup organizer on the market - and has the perfect blend of space, quality, affordability, glamour and value ! 

The term Organizta was invented to signify any woman who believes in the mantra of “Keep Calm & Organize !”

The Organizta Philosphy:

  • Fanatic Focus on Customer Delight !
  • Exquisite & High Quality Products 
  • Every woman deserves a gorgeous vanity and it needn’t break the bank!

The vanity is our favorite place in the world – that’s where all the magic happens!

Watch the below video to see the features of the Chic box :